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Fund Management

A list of some of the services I've provided to real estate and private equity funds over the course of my career.


  • Provided selected analysis on special projects as requested by senior management in portfolio management and finance.

  • Analyzed and reported on the performance for main Funds and different classes of employee funds.

  • Participated in Weekly Fund Meetings, reviewed global pipeline report and incorporated changes from these meetings into liquidity, reforecasts, capital funding, etc.

  • Updated financial information on competitors to portfolio companies.

  • Maintained economic data on cap rates by region, inflation rates, government interest rates for several jurisdictions, and other macro data to support discount rates for various methods of valuations.


  • Updated valuation analyses and memos for assigned investments and discussed the values with auditors for their review and approval.

  • Created partners’ distribution recommendations for Funds and provided supporting analysis.

  • Reviewed reforecasts, prepared capital funding, and produced variance analysis explanations for annual reforecast compared to budget.

  • Established issues and priorities for assigned Funds

  • Reviewed investment committee memos and discussed new investments with accounting staff.

  • Provided detailed information for Fund updates to investors concerning capital calls, dispositions, refinancings, returns, etc.

  • Prepared and reviewed Partner’s Capital Account report for select investors across funds.

  • Reviewed sources and uses for new investments.

  • Provided loan covenant reporting $750 million commercial paper conduit and $700 million loan collaterized by assets across three funds.

  • Report on diversification by type, geography, and strategy for the Funds.

  • Reviewed and prepared updated fund cash forecasts for the Funds and related employee funds.



  • Fund Updates and Summaries.



  • Annual business model valuations

    • Full economic, industry, competitor, and company analysis​

    • Financial Statement Analysis and Forecast

    • Asset, Market and Income Valuation Approaches

      • Reconciliation and Valuation Approach Selection ​

    • Final Opinion of Value​

  • Fund Long-Term Liquidation Analyses.

  • Projected fund level returns.

  • Prepared performance attribution analysis for Funds.

  • Reviewed fund financial statements. Provided comments and incorporated significant events into year-end Fund write-up.

  • Assisted with preparation of management discussions to be distributed with audited financials.

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