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Currently, my role is Vice President, Fund Accounting and Administration at a leading fund administrator. 

I am in the business of fund management and investment administration.

I'm the one who takes care of the infrastructure that makes a fund work. This includes the underlying technology, treasury and accounting operations, fair value valuations, responding to investor questionnaires, updating the fund and portfolio track records and handling most challenges that confront real estate and private equity funds on a daily basis.   

What I have done for global real estate and private equity funds:

  1. value closely-held ownership interests so that my valuation conclusions withstand the scrutiny of a cynical audience, namely your auditors, 

  2. create and manage the valuation audit calendar, resolve open items & issues, and satisfy information requests, 

  3. provide portfolio analytics of investments in various industries, geographies, and asset types,

  4. design and implement investment fund operations that include treasury, general ledger, investment summaries, and track records.

Check out the other pages on this website or my LinkedIn profile for more about my background!

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